Robot assisted surgery

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In the first stage of the operation the surgeon inserts three pencil size instruments into the patients chest between the ribs. These instruments are then connected to the surgical robot.

The surgeon sits at a robotic console and is able to see inside the chest through a tiny 3D camera. The camera images are magnified 15 times. The surgeon operates 2 joy-sticks and his movements are then reproduced with the highest level of accuracy by the instruments previously inserted into the chest. The robot system offers the surgeon advantages compared to traditional surgical instruments, mainly the elimination of the surgeons natural hand tremor and the ability to create tiny movements.

From the console the surgeon operates the joysticks and his hand movements are accurately reproduced by the surgical robot.

Tiny healthy vessels such as the left internal mammary artery can be sewn to blocked blood vessels without stopping the heart using the OPCAB (off pump) technique.